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Our Services

HR Support


Proactive Human Resource Services that aligns your staff to the values and visions of your business and creates Leaders and Coaches. 

Staff Contracts & Handbooks


Contracts of employment should be provided within 8 weeks of a new employee starting and handbooks are your manual for managing staff legally. 

Payroll and Pensions


No fuss Payroll for your business. Detailed breakdown for paying your staff and providing payslips electronically. 

Why Choose Cavell?

Simplicity is Everything


Our solution is to keep things simple, and at Cavell that’s exactly what we do.    

Our entire team is focused on making the lives of everyone in the hospitality industry easier. We understand that there is a wealth of paperwork and administration tasks that can easily consume large parts of your day and take you away from doing what you do best. That’s we are offering our services to every business in the UK who would like a helping hand 

A Name you can Trust


As a team that cares, we have quickly established a reputation throughout the UK for excellence in everything we do.    

Our secret is that we understand you got into the hospitality sector to work with customers and create amazing experiences through a combination of amazing food and drink, and breathtaking venues. Not to spend the working day focused on management processes and HR duties. Luckily that’s where we come in, and together we can create the recipe for success that will allow your business to flourish. 

An Approach that Works


A key part of our commitment to keeping things simple is tailoring our approach to fit the needs of your business.    

There’s no one size fits all solution. Instead we create a package that works for you by giving you everything you need to free up the working  day whilst growing your business at the same time.

Get your TIME back!

What is the value of your TIME?

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